• Print your Listing Presentation

    Like you would normally, print your listing or prelisting packet, complete with CMA or marketing materials etc.

  • Bind

    We send out your empty customized covers ready to bind. There is a thermal resin inside the spine and in 1 step you have a bound document that looks like it came from a print shop.

  • Impress

    Not only will your client be impressed with your content but more impactfully they will be impressed in how it was presented. Imagine opening a hardcover book to see your name and information in the contents.

  • Tangible

    The tech companies that supply you with your digital presentation supply them to your competition to. Not a bad thing but the impact you make with a physical book last long after you leave.

  • Personal

    Actions speak louder than words. Not everything needs to be printed, but if you are printing it then it is important. Your clients home is as precious as your message to them. Nothing shows you respect and care more than something that has been personalized and made just for them. It's a great way to immediately build a relationship without words.

  • Fast

    You don't have time for things that aren't easy or fast. This solution already ties in with what you are doing today. with the binding machine and covers in house, you can make a personal impressive listing presentation in just 90 seconds. no lead time, Get up and go.

Hit them with the 1-2 punch

The best software for virtual and physical presentations. We've partnered with Highnote to not only offer the best platform to help you use our other products but to go beyond and create real meaningful presentations with analytics in the back end.


Drag and Drop Editor

Easily create custom listing presentation templates for online usage and printed covers with pinkerton. Best part yet you get a free trial click below to get started