U.S. History

2nd Semester Notes

3rd Unit

Start of the Cold War

Cold War in America through Vietnam

Civil Rights

Inspirations of the Civil Rights

1970s-Today in America

End of the Cold War

2nd Unit

Great Depression

New Deal

American Neutrality

WW2 Homefront

WW2 Europe

WW2 Pacific


1st Unit







Current Event Instructions

Find an article in a newspaper, magazine, or online source and read it. It may be helpful to underline important facts and points/arguments the author makes as you read. When writing your current event cite the source at the top of the page in this order:

Author, "Title," Magazine/Newspaper name (or website address), date of publication.

First Paragraph

Using your own words describe what happened in the article. Describe the most important information to give the reader a good understanding of the purpose of the article. DO NOT COPY ANY OF THE ARTICLE OR YOU WILL RECEIVE A ZERO.

Second Paragraph

Describe your personal feelings/reaction to the information in the article. Are you surprised by an event, happy or upset with an outcome, or is there anything you found particularly interesting in the article? Are there any questions you thought of when reading the article?

Citation Example:

Richard Perez-Pena, "Students Accused of Cheating Return Awkwardly to a Changed Harvard," http://www.nytimes.com, September 16, 2013.

Current Event Resources:

History Websites