Unit 3 - Fiscal and Monetary Policies

Fiscal Policy

Money, Banking, and the Federal Reserve

Unit 2 - Markets and Labor

Market Structures

Business Organizations


Financial Markets

Unit 1 - Introduction

The American Dream

What is Economics?

Economic Systems

American Free Enterprise

Laws of Demand, Supply, and Pricing




Current Event Requirements

At the top, put the following in this order:
1.  Author’s Name (if no author, skip to the next item)
2.  Title of the article in QUOTES
3.  Name of the newspaper, magazine, or website
4.  Date your article was published.

Patrick Healy and Jonathan Martin, “Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Press Pointed Attacks in Debate,”,
26 September 2016.

For your FIRST Paragraph
In at least the first half of the paper, tell me what occurred in the article you chose.  Who was involved, where did the story taking place, and what key events happened?

For your SECOND Paragraph
What is your opinion/reaction(s) to the article?  What recommendations would you give to fix/help a problem brought up by the article.  Are there bigger issues at play that affect the issues of the article?  What praise/critique do you have for efforts that have already been made to solve the problems?


Current Event Resources